End of validation SMS

Brussels has made it its priority ! Despite cryptogram and SMS-OTP (One time password), payment by bank card continues to carry a real risk. This is why Europe had issued an ultimatum to the banks in order to find a new secure device before September 14, 2019

While many banks have redesigned their online shopping process and their security level, the number of victims of bank fraud still increases.

Today, the problem is real : in France, 40% of online purchases are validated by an SMS. And that within the time allotted to them, the banks could not fully respond to this ultimatum. Banks even asking for an additional 3 years. (from Le Parisien newspaper).

Several tracks such as biometrics are being considered to replace the SMS-OTP. But they’re limited.

Meanwhile, the French fintech offers THE solution with CCs12 payment card. By its simple and innovative solution, it finally meets the requirements of Europe, banks, e-merchants, customers and / or e-customers.

With CCs12, we propose to create a security triptych by introducing a third player, in addition to banks and e-merchants : the customer. A new safe tryptic. When the customer makes his purchase online, he’ll be the only one to know security data, voluntarily concealed, on his payment card offered by CCs12.

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