Covid-19 Jackpot for cybercriminals but CCs12 is THE cure

Coronavirus spreads all over the planet and creates a favorable environment for internet scams. We have all understood in recent weeks, vigilance is the watchword to escape the coronavirus. “Stay at home” is the motto ! But while caution is advised, economy is slowing down, some people are rubbing hands in face of the explosion in the number of online purchases. The more coronavirus spreads, the more cybercriminals become active. Result : online scams multiply and cause collateral damage. Often disguised as important information related to Covid-19, cybercrime attacks are actually aimed at letting you know your bank details. However, never a bank, an official institution or a state body will ask you for such banking information.

Learn to spot these attacks. They can come from :

  • From an email : this email can look like an official email and ask you to communicate your data and bank codes via a fraudulent website. Delete it !
  • A phone call : under the pretext of covid-19 or other, someone can ask you for your access code and the digipass or SMS code for internet banking transaction. The person could also ask you to enter this data on a fake fraudulent website.
  • From an SMS or a message via social networks : Recently, such messages have also been sent by SMS and other communication channels (by SMS, it is called ‘smishing’).
  • From a web search : hackers lie in wait for you and send you to a fake login page resembling that of the site you wanted to visit.

Learn to protect yourself

  1. Never communicate your bank details by any means whatsoever : telephone, email, websites, social networks, etc.
  2. For your online purchases, prefer sites you know, whose reliability has been proven or those equipped with 3D Secure technology, that is to say recognized by VISA or Mastercard.

Consider getting a CCs12 payment card. The 100% security answer to safe online shopping. Indeed, the payment made with a CCs12 assures the e-merchant that whoever makes a purchase is indeed the owner of the card since he alone is able to communicate the 3rd series of masked numbers which belongs to the card’s security data.  With CCs12, we propose to create a security triptych by introducing a third player : the customer. A new safe tryptic.

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