SMS scam

Please note that a fraudulent SMS has been circulating for several months and, due to the Coronavirus, this scam has increased. The message tells recipients that they must pay customs fees to receive their package.

Based on false information, this scam targets people who have ordered a product on the Internet. The latter find themselves subscribed, without their knowledge, to dubious sites.

This is another attempt at phishing, a process which aims to extract personal, usually bank, data from victims.

Targeted persons receive an SMS, often sent from a five-digit number, which claims approximately € 2 of VAT and contains a short link. The latter leads to a site that incorporates La Poste’s charter. They are asked to confirm their identity.

Then, before proceeding to payment, the victim must fill in his name, email address, postal address, telephone number. Then she finally lands on a “Place an order” page on which she must enter her bank card details.

If several clues do not alert you (URL address, spelling errors, Trustpilot note, etc.), be aware that a parcel delivery company will never ask you to pay additional costs, customs duties or postage. In the event that you are asked, it is the e-crooks who are trying to trap you.

And, with the multiplication of online orders, especially during the containment and post-containment period, there are many people likely to receive packages, especially from abroad.

Also, always check the URL of the site and compare it with the official address of the organization supposed to write to you (La Poste, customs). Look for misspellings or inconsistencies in the email or on the web page.

With CCs12, even in case of phishing, that is to say if you went to the end of the scam, you will not have any data in circulation in the future after entering your bank details

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